Update 2019


Dr Joanne Leal                        General and developmental paediatrics

Dr Andrew Kennedy                School age and adolescent paediatrics

Dr Stephanie Francis                General Paediatrics

Dr Ngon Vo                General Paediatrics, Respiratory, Allergy

Appointments for any of these practitioners made by ringing the office 9564 5777 .

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Toula Tsovolos

Appointments made by faxing referral with contact details to 9564 3900.

Paediatric Sleep Physician

Dr Dimitri (Jim) Papadopoulos

Appointments made through Kogarah Rooms 9553 1033

Paediatric Surgeon

Dr Erik La Hei

Appointments made through Westmead Rooms 1300 857 845


Speech Therapist       Dietician                     Psychologist                 Occupational Therapist

Debbie Yuille                      Eve Reed                             Dr Simonne Cohen            Mandi Berman

Appts 9521 3085               Appts    9437 4752            Appts    0422 622 902       Appts  0433 049 564


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